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IL PAPIRO is a company which produces items in hand decorated paper with techniques inspired by the tradition of Tuscany. Established 1976, in Firenze, Italy, IL PAPIRO introduced items utilizing almost extinct techniques such as the marbleizing of paper. Therefore, this, in turn, contributed to the renewed desire for items in hand decorated paper. Using a technique from the XVII century, “papier à cuve”, hand decorated papers are created in twelve colors. No two papers are alike, in other words, making them unique and a work of art.

The highly artisan production of IL PAPIRO covers a variety of items from bound diaries, photo albums, desk accessories, frames, keepsake boxes and stationery. In addition, items are produced following methods and procedures in the best tradition of Italian craftsmanship.  Our books are bound using traditional materials and artistry.  Stationery and cards are printed with great care using varied printing techniques on watermarked papers and 100% cotton card stock,

Items are produced in Firenze for the past 40 years in their workshop. IL PAPIRO now supplies hand marbleized papers to a worldwide audience.

At the present time, there are 14 stores in Italy, one in the United States two in London and one in Australia.

We are thrilled to be a part of this great family of wonderful artisans for the past 30 years. We hope to continue to provide you with the best Italy has to offer in exquisite hand decorated papers.