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Custom Printing

Custom Printing

We offer personalized stationery, elegant wedding invitations, birthday invitations and announcements for the arrival of a new family member.

Our papers are made of 100% cotton and are European in size. For example, small flat card is 3.5”x5”, the fold over card is 4.5”x 6.5”. Some of the printing as in Lithography is done in house, all other, as in Engraving and Thermography is printed in Italy. Turnaround time for in house is usually 7-10 days and 2-3 weeks for Italy.

Time depends on proofing and your execution of corrections via email.
We carry the 100% cotton rag papers in ivory with the deckled edge for the more traditional invitations or as monogrammed stationery.

We will assist you by providing advice on design, etiquette and printing to ensure tailored printing that meets your personal needs and makes a lasting impression.
Contact us to discuss your project and pricing or 212.288.9330 – 10am-5pm, Mon- Fri.


A copper or steel plate is etched and then inked. The excess is wiped clean, and the ink remaining in the etching is applied to the paper when the paper is pressed to the plate. The press forces the paper into the grooves of the plate. The result is a distinctive three dimensional image rich in exquisite detail.


This method simulates the look and feel of engraving, but can be executed with more speed. The image is flat printed, but while the ink is still wet, a resinous powder is applied and heated, causing the ink to expand, creating a raised effect.


Your invitations can be printed flat, without the raised effect characteristic of thermographed documents.